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Episode 2 - Fintech FinOps: Part 3

We’re excited to share another episode of Forge in Focus, our podcast series spotlighting the people of WealthForge. In Part Three of Episode 2, “Fintech FinOps,” Chief Financial Officer Donna Arles gazes into her crystal ball and sees growth as part of the firm’s near future.

Donna tells Due Diligence Analyst Colin Berger she expects some of that growth to come from an expanded client base:

“We are going to continue to put our clients first. We want to be that trusted partner—I don’t think that will ever change. But we’re also looking for different types of clients. Starting this year we’re going to start ... providing some outsourced broker-dealer services to clients out there [that] may have another broker-dealer that they’re working with but they need some expertise. They need to outsource a part of their business. We are the experts in what we do and we’re happy to offer that.”

Listen to the full nine-minute conclusion of Forge in Focus Episode 2, and check back soon for Episode 3!

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