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Episode 2 - Fintech FinOps: Part 1

We are excited to bring you another episode of Forge in Focus, our podcast series spotlighting the individuals that make WealthForge one of the most innovative and experienced managing broker-dealers in the alts space. In Episode 2, “Fintech FinOps,” we sit down with Chief Financial Officer Donna Arles who discusses her work at WealthForge and the benefits of building technology into a broker-dealer back office.

In Part One, “A CFO’s Multifaceted Role,” Donna provides insight into her career path as a financial professional and shares a few lessons she learned along the way. In conversation with Due Diligence Analyst Colin Berger, Donna also highlights the importance of her roles as CFO and Financial and Operations Principal, which she says are laser-focused on compliance:

“As the CFO, I’m responsible for all of our financial filings ... to make sure that we are net-capital compliant and our financials are in good order every day. I [also] help our Operations Team navigate the whole [client engagement process] to make sure that our clients are happy along the way, that we are providing a good service, and staying within the regulation.“

Listen to the full seven-minutes of “A CFO’s Multifaceted Role”—Part One of Episode 2—and watch this space for the next installment!


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