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The process of raising private capital doesn't have to be complicated.

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With our Invest Button, Issuers and Intermediaries now have a technology-enabled, turnkey solution to outsource the back office tasks to complete a private securities transaction. This full-featured platform provides everything needed from beginning to end to process the transaction – including compliance, escrow management, reporting and more.

Invest Button

If you’re raising capital once or twice a year, the Invest Button is the fastest way to get started. Easily customize your Invest Button to seamlessly integrate into your existing website.


The Enterprise Solution is best for established organizations with extensive experience with raising private capital and planning to offer multiple deals throughout the year.

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Why Use Our Solution?

Reduces Time

The WealthForge solution reduces the time it takes to complete a private securities transaction by automating many currently manual processes. WealthForge’s technology component brings organization and transparency to a traditionally complex, document-laden process.

Reduces Cost

WealthForge’s turnkey platform allows Issuers and Intermediaries to benefit from using the platform as needed, shifting significant parts of their cost structure from fixed to variable expenses.

Reduces Risk

The third and most important advantage of the WealthForge approach is to make Issuers, Intermediaries and Investors more compliant with federal and state securities regulations. WealthForge has integrated a technology solution directly into the back office of its SEC registered broker-dealer ensuring that everyone involved meets the required rules and regulations.

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Presented live at this year's FinovateSpring 2015 conference, this demo unveils our latest innovation, the Invest Button.

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