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WealthForge Debuts Its First Regulation A Offering with New Investor Workflow

Post on: November 14, 2017 | Bill Robbins | 0

NOTE: WealthForge no longer offers services and technology for Regulation A offerings. Click to view our current services for Sponsors and Advisors.

On October 25th, WealthForge launched our first Regulation A offering on our platform. The issuer, a community-driven fitness apparel brand, chose a Reg A offering in order to capitalize on its avid customer base by turning fans into shareholders. As of October 30th the offering has had its first closing. 

Reg A offerings are a relatively new type of investment that are available to non-accredited investors, meaning offerings typically have a greater number of investors with a smaller average investment size. This “high volume” market cannot be served as effectively by providers with more manual processes, and represents a unique opportunity for us to enable issuers seeking to take advantage of the newly revised regulation.

Launching the offering involved developing an investor-friendly workflow that could automate investor verification and signatory document distribution. The process is based on a mobile-first design, reflecting the preferences of an on-demand demographic that comes with a low minimum investment and the inclusion of unaccredited investors. The workflow is white-labeled and integrated directly into the company's existing website, where their customers already are, eliminating the need for them to go to a separate site or program to complete their investments.

 “WealthForge is one of the few broker-dealers that offers a robust technology solution, which complements and enhances the work of our dedicated compliance team,” says Bill Robbins, CEO at WealthForge.

WealthForge is looking for more innovative companies that could benefit from the new capital raising opportunities presented by the recent changes in regulation and updates to our technology.

If you would like to know more, request a demo of our investor workflow here.


The Risks and Rewards of Regulation A

Download our whitepaper to understand how the updated exemption 
fits into the securities market


Disclaimer: WealthForge provides this information to our clients and other friends for educational purposes only. It should not be construed or relied upon as legal advice. Private securities offerings may have a long holding period, be illiquid, and contain a high degree of risk. Investors must be able to afford the loss of all of their principal. Projected returns may significantly differ from actual results. Past performance does not indicate future results. Potential investors should consult with a knowledgeable tax advisor prior making an investment.

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