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WealthForge Crosses $250M in Transactions

Post on: November 14, 2016 | Mat Dellorso | 0


WealthForge recently crossed $250M in transactions completed on our platform. Not only has more thanquarter of a billion dollars been invested via our platform, this significant sum has made a huge impact on new and growing businesses and has generated returns for investors through our platform.

It is our clients, of course, who continue to reap the benefits of using our platform. For example, Avistone, LLCan industrial property management company, has successfully closed on four separate offerings for more than $9M in the last five months. Using proceeds raised through the WealthForge platform, Avistone has acquired industrial parks in Florida, Ohio, and Georgia. To date, Avistone has distributed an average annual cash yield of 8% to its investors, paid monthly. 

Another client using the WealthForge platform, Realized Holdings, has placed more than $2M in 1031 Exchange Investments creating a marketplace for replacement properties for investors who are looking to take advantage of the like-kind exchange tax deferment available under IRS Code Section 1031. Over the last few months, Realized has built up their offering catalog to include more than 20 offerings.

LexShares, a company providing accredited investors an opportunity to invest into litigation finance, has closed on more than 15 separate offerings in the last two years, with approximately $8M raised on the WealthForge platform. 

Finally, as we announced a few weeks ago, WealthForge is doing its own 506(c) raise using our platform.

It took WealthForge about 2 years to reach our first $250M in transactions completed. Given our current run rate, we anticipate that the next $250M in transactions completed will take less time. You can stay up to date on our latest metrics on our analytics page.


WealthForge has made other exciting progress, including reaching 5,600+ investments, 270 offerings with at least one distribution, and currently, our platform has over a billion dollars in active offerings available for subscription.

This marks a big milestone for our company as we continue to help our clients let capital flow to its best potential—which in turn creates exponential benefits for us all.


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Disclaimer: WealthForge provides this information to our clients and other friends for educational purposes only. It should not be construed or relied upon as legal advice. Private securities offerings may have a long holding period, be illiquid, and contain a high degree of risk. Investors must be able to afford the loss of all of their principal. 
Projected returns may significantly differ from actual results. Past performance does not indicate future results. Potential investors should consult with a knowledgeable tax advisor prior making an investment.

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