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NEW ALTIGO FEATURES: Copy Subscription & Resend Subscription Package

Post on: January 23, 2020 | Ryan Gunn | 0

In an ongoing effort to make Altigo the most effective platform for automating alternative investments, WealthForge will be regularly rolling out new features to enhance the user experience for advisors and their clients. This month, we’ve debuted two new features designed to make it easier for advisors to quickly and easily complete alternative investment subscriptions.

Copy Subscription


If you have a client who is interested in alternatives, you are probably familiar with the frustrating task of re-entering information into multiple subscription documents when allocating that client’s assets into multiple offerings. This new feature allows you to copy all of the information from one subscription into a new investment.

Each field will be pre-filled, but still editable, so you can tailor the subscription as necessary and change things such as investment amount. For cases where the subscription details are largely the same across multiple subscriptions, this new feature can save advisors considerable time.

Advisors who access Altigo through a sponsor partner will be able to will be able to copy investment details into investments of the same type as long as they are all offered by that sponsor. Meanwhile, users of Altigo for advisors can copy subscriptions of the same investment type across multiple sponsors.

Resend Subscription Package


While it may be easier to keep track of digital documents than physical ones, not every investor is going to have an organized inbox. Altigo now allows you to re-send subscription packages for when your client may have deleted or otherwise cannot find the original email. This will make it easier for them to find and sign documents so you can complete the process quickly.

To try out the new features, login to your Altigo account or contact us to learn more.

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