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Altigo Adds Knowledge-Based Authentication To Custodian Documents for Alternative Investments

Post on: February 16, 2021 | Ryan Gunn | 0

WealthForge announced today that they have added the ability to include knowledge-based authentication with documents sent for electronic signature through Altigo, their digital processing platform for alternative investments.


Knowledge-based authentication allows custodians like TD Ameritrade and other firms to verify the identity of an investor when doing business with them digitally. In addition to custodian support, broker-dealers, RIAs, and sponsors will have the ability to add requirements for knowledge-based authentication during their setup on Altigo.

“While our digital processes mitigate a plethora of risks posed by manual processes, firms are smart to be cautious about the security of digital-only transactions,” says Bill Robbins, CEO of WealthForge. “With the addition of knowledge-based authentication—along with our other robust security features—firms that work with Altigo can rest easy knowing that electronic documents are in the hands of the intended recipient and that sensitive information is secure.”

Documents requiring knowledge-based authentication for e-signature are flagged within Altigo for the financial professional’s reference. When investors receive their secure electronic documents, DocuSign will take some personal data entered by the signer and automatically feed it into LexisNexis, generating a series of questions used to verify the signer’s identity.

This added feature enhances the support for custodian document mapping that was announced late last year. Pershing, RBC Wealth Management, Equity Trust Company, MainStar, Millennium Trust, NuView Trust, Vantage, CNB Custody and now TD Ameritrade are on the platform, with more custodians coming soon. Knowledge-based authentication opens the door for even more custodians, transfer agents, and other industry participants to migrate to digital processing through Altigo.


WealthForge provides technology solutions developed by experienced regulatory professionals to streamline investments into alternative securities. The company’s electronic investment processing platform, Altigo was built to address common industry roadblocks, enable marketplace connections, and facilitate alternative investment transactions between reps, advisors, product sponsors, custodians and transfer agents. With over a decade of experience processing alternative investments and developing technology solutions, WealthForge has built a reputation as an innovator in market.

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