Investing in this opportunity via this wrapper provides enhanced investor rights including Anti-Dilution protections as well as Board of Directors representation.

WealthForge Investment Highlights

Fourth Most Active Broker-Dealer - WealthForge was the fourth most active broker-dealer in the U.S. last year, completing more private offerings than major firms including J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley.

Growth Potential - In 2015, WealthForge demonstrated tremendous growth potential generating $5.1M in total revenue and was named the fastest growing company in Richmond, VA this year.

Proven Track Record - WealthForge has previously raised $9M in Series A and prior rounds of financing from venture capital firms including New Richmond Ventures and SenaHill Partners, as well as numerous prominent angel investors. To date, WealthForge has processed more than 5,500 unique investments, completed 250 private offerings, and closed $240M+ in transaction volume. 

Worldwide Recognition - WealthForge was named a winner of the UBS Future of Finance Challenge, placing third globally and continues to be viewed as a leader in the Fintech space.

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*Investments from NRV-WF III, LLC are free from any carried interest. There is a one-time upfront $15K management fee for administration of the SPV. Investment proceeds in the SPV are being invested in WealthForge with each investor receiving proceeds in proportion to your investment amount.