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3 Key Take-Aways from IMN West

Post on: September 24, 2015 | Todd Schweber | 0



WealthForge was a proud silver sponsor at the latest IMN Real Estate event in Santa Monica on 9/16-­9/17. More than 400 attendees participated in dozens of discussions, panels and breakouts specifically focused on online capital formation. Here are the top take-­aways from the discussions:

  1. Latest Trend: Technology

    Technology continues to speed up private capital raises for real estate through automated transaction processing, investor relations tools, funding portals, crowdfunding, reporting and more.

  2. Biggest Compliance Risk: Marketing and Advertising Your Raises

    You may be at risk as most real estate firms that raise private capital for their own projects are handling marketing and advertising in-­house without any type of 3rd-­party compliance review. For rules and guidelines to help you determine whether your advertising is compliant, download our latest whitepaper, “Navigating FINRA Rule 2210: A Guide to Compliant Communication.”

  3. Top Desire for Real Estate Firms: Ability to Outsource

    All of the firms were discussing the importance of expansion of business through outsourcing. Firms are no longer interested in building robust in-­house teams with the associated high costs of management, maintenance and risk.

WealthForge had two of its team members participating on the panels: Fred Bryant, COO / Co-­Founder and Arthur Weissman, Head of Sales and Marketing. It was our pleasure to help contribute to the discussions and provide additional information and resources for all of the attendees.

Disclaimer: WealthForge provides this information to our clients and other friends for educational purposes only. It should not be construed or relied upon as legal advice.

Disclaimer: Altigo provides this information for educational purposes only. It should not be construed or relied upon as legal or tax advice.

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