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Straight through processing for alternative investments with Altigo.



Altigo provides an intuitive front-end for advisors to quickly initiate a subscription through an online intelligent interview. The transaction activity dashboard allows you to see the status of all investments in progress.

Once both the advisor and their client have signed the subscription documents, the firm’s home office can follow their existing process for reviewing and processing the transaction.

Altigo will greatly improve the investment experience for both sponsors and advisors by providing:

alt-xA searchable showcase of alternative investments.

alt-xUser-friendly online workflow to enter investor information with business rules and verification checks to reduce errors.

alt-xPre-filled subscription documents with optional electronic delivery to investors and other stakeholders for e-signature.

alt-xNo system integration, new technology resources, or change management required.



Altigo includes the following security features:

alt-xAdvanced firewalls, end-to-end encryption, data loss prevention, and regular penetration testing.

alt-xModern software development processes to mitigate the risk of external threats to the application.

alt-xStrict confidentiality and security of client PII (personally identifiable information).

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